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Sign in Hidden fields Patents The term biomaterial is generally Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis to describe a material which can be introduced into the bloodstream or the tissue of the human body, for example infusion, cardiac or balloon-tipped catheters, electrodes for pacemakers or defibrillators, suture material, vascular prostheses, supportive structures EP A1 Abstract.

The term biomaterial is generally applied to describe a material which can be introduced into the bloodstream or the tissue of the Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis body, for example infusion, cardiac or balloon-tipped catheters, electrodes for pacemakers or defibrillators, suture material, vascular prostheses, supportive structures for vessels, so-called stents or the like. It is known to coat such biomaterials in order Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis prevent, in particular, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis of plasma and cell constituents and hence coagulation.

According to the invention, a lacquer-like coating of a blood- and tissue-compatible material having a layer thickness below micrometers, preferably 10 micrometers, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis built up and is permanently degraded in the body. Any depositing plasma or cell constituents are liberated upon degradation of this coating material.

Moreover, anticoagulants and anti-inflammatory substances may be incorporated in the coating material. Coating for can be introduced into the bloodstream or into the tissue of the human body biomaterial, such as infusion, heart or Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis catheters, electrodes for heart pacemakers and defibrillators, suture material, support constructions for vessels stents or the like, by this coating, in particular the coagulation of blood in the biomaterial is prevented by adhesion of plasmatic or cellular constituents, characterized in that the coating blood- and tissue-compatible, self-adhesive coating on the biomaterial consists of a material which is permanently degraded in the body.

Coating material according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the layer thickness of the adhesive layer is less than 10 microns. Coating according to one of the Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis claims, characterized in that, and as a coating material biodegradable synthetic polymers such as polyglycols and polylactides, as well as corresponding copolymers or mixtures, polyhydroxybutyrates and polyhydroxyvaleriates and corresponding Mischpolmerisate or mixtures, and polydioxanon, further starch, gelatin, cellulose, polyglycolic acid, acrylic acid methacrylic Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis and their derivatives and Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis polymers may be used.

Coating according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the coating material is initially present as a solution, dispersion or emulsion in a fast evaporating solvent with high surface tension, and forms a Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis, thin adhesive layer following application to the bio-material and subsequent drying. Coating according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that drugs are incorporated into the coating material.

Coating according to claim 7, characterized in that the blood coagulation-inhibiting drugs are incorporated into the coating material. Coating according to claim 8, characterized in that drugs are incorporated for inhibiting plasma and cellular blood clotting. Coating according to one of claims 7 Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis 9, characterized in that anti-inflammatory drugs are incorporated into the coating material. Coating according to one of claims 7 to 10, characterized in that there are incorporated into the coating material antibiotics.

Coating according to claim 10, characterized in that the anti-inflammatory drugs include corticoids. Coating according to one of Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis 7 to 12, characterized in that vasorelaxant drugs Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis incorporated into the coating material.

Coating according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis layers are provided, if necessary, of different coating materials.

Coating according source claim 14, characterized in that the Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis with the longest dwell Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis is the lowest layer in the body. Coating according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the biomaterial is to be coated infusion, heart or balloon catheters, vascular prostheses or support bodies for vessels, electrodes for heart pacemakers and defibrillators, as well as suture material.

The invention relates to a Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis for a so-called biomaterial. As a biomaterial a material is called, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis is Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis into the bloodstream or industry of the human body, such as infusion catheters, cardiac catheterization, balloon catheters, electrodes, seam material for vascular anastomoses, vascular prostheses Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis support body for vessels, called stents, etc.

For example, the catheter Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis means of complicated systems are under fluoroscopy mostly in the coronary stent introduced after expansion of the constricted portion of the artery to the internal splinting of check this out vessel and remain Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis this purpose for life in their place.

Die Gefährdungen der Patienten, zB durch Thrombosenbildung Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Entzündungen, sind bekannt und hinsichtlich Therapieerfolg mit dem Schweregrad der Erkrankung abzuwägen. The hazards of patients, eg by thrombosis and http://health24-7.de/thrombophlebitis-bluttest.php are known and weighed against the severity of the disease with respect to therapeutic success. It is known that bound proteins of the blood plasma, so-called adhesive proteins such as albumin and fibrin, adhesion and aggregation of platelets talk to the biomaterial.

Die für die gegenseitige Haftung der Proteine verantwortlichen Peptidstrukturen, die sogenannten RGD-Peptide Glycin, Arginin, Asparaginsind weitgehend aufgeklärt. Responsible for the mutual adhesion of proteins peptide structures called RGD peptides glycine, arginine, asparaginehave largely been elucidated.

Diese Strukturen sind auch an der Haftung der Thrombozyten über entsprechende Rezeptoren der Thrombozytenoberfläche beteiligt. These structures are also involved in the adhesion of the platelets Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis the platelet surface corresponding receptors.

Furthermore, biomaterials, the protective cell layers with which the vessels are Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis hurt, and the underlying connective tissue such as collagen expose. Auch dort erfolgt dann Adhäsion sowie Aggregation der Thrombozyten. Also, there is then carried adhesion and aggregation of platelets. Gleichzeitig freigesetztes Thromboplastin aktiviert die plasmatische Gerinnung. At the same time released thromboplastin activates the plasmatic coagulation.

Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis deposition of blood clots on foreign surfaces is thus the result of a complex chain reaction of plasmatic Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis cellular mechanisms of blood coagulation, enhanced by interactions of these systems.

Wenn es durch eine begleitende medikamentöse Behandlung nicht gelingt, die Blutgerinnung ganz Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis teilweise aufzuheben bzw. If we do not succeed by concomitant drug treatment, wholly or partially dissolve blood clotting or dissolve clots already formed, this can lead to a Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis vascular occlusion. Furthermore, it is known that blood clots trigger wound healing by immigrating polyploid stem cells.

As a result of the excessive growth of so-called "smooth muscle" smooth muscle cells can then be concentrated again caused thereby stenoses of blood flow in the vessels. With the implantation of the above-mentioned bodies for support vessels, called stents, blood clotting and inflammation in many patients can be achieved only short-term improvements due to the problems described.

By microthrombi at the interface between the vessel wall and the stent may result in an undesirable, excessive vascular proliferation with re-narrowing of the vessel. Eine gleichzeitige systemische Behandlung dieser Patienten mit hohen Dosen Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis blutgerinnungshemmenden Arzneistoffen, sogenannten Antikoagulantien, wie Heparin oder Cumarinderivaten ist unbedingt notwendig, teilweise in Kombination http://health24-7.de/halle-lieferung-varikosette.php Medikamenten, sogenannten Thrombozytenaggregationshemmern, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis eine Hemmung der Thrombozyten bewirken.

Concomitant systemic treatment of these patients with high doses of anticoagulant drugs called anticoagulants, such as heparin or coumarin derivatives is essential, sometimes combined with medication, called antiplatelet effect the inhibition of platelets. Auch durch die systemische Gabe neu entwickelter gerinnungshemmender Arzneistoffe, wie Hirudin, entsprechender Analoga sowie von neuentwickelten Hemmstoffen der Thrombozytenaggregation haben sich die Probleme, die mit der Ablagerung von Blutgerinnseln auf den Oberflächen von Biomaterialien verbunden sind, nur marginal verbessert.

By the systemic administration of newly developed anticoagulant drugs such as hirudin, corresponding analogues as inhibitors of platelet aggregation newly developed have the problems associated with the deposition of blood clots on the surfaces of Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis, only marginally improved. Die systemische Gabe hoher Dosen von blutgerinnungshemmenden Medikamenten ist mit dem Risiko lebensbedrohender Blutungen innerer Organe und des Gehirns verbunden.

The systemic administration of high doses of anticoagulant drugs is associated with the risk of life-threatening bleeding internal organs and the brain.

Another problem is the bacterial colonization Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis biomaterial. Adsorptiv gebundene Proteine des Blutplasmas, wie Albumin, generell die sogenannten adhäsiven Proteine, und Blutgerinnsel provozieren die Einnistung von Keimen und weiterhin die Bildung geladener Schleimsubstanzen.

Adsorptively bound proteins of the blood plasma, such as albumin, in general, the so-called adhesive proteins and blood clot provoke the implantation of germs and furthermore the formation of charged slime substances.

Durch diese schleimartigen Überzüge entziehen Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis die Bakterien der körpereigenen Abwehr und neutralisieren weiter systemisch verabreichte Antibiotika: Die Empfindlichkeit gegenüber den Bakterien ist somit drastisch herabgesetzt.

By this slimy coatings are beyond the bacteria in Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis body's Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis and neutralize more systemically administered antibiotics: The sensitivity to the bacteria is Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis drastically reduced. Mittels intravenöser Antibiotikatherapie können die hohen bakteriziden Konzentrationen nicht immer erreicht werden, da eine Dosiserhöhung häufig aufgrund der Nebenwirkungen kontraindiziert ist.

By intravenous antibiotic therapy can not be always achieved the high bactericidal concentrations as dose increases are often contraindicated due to side effects. Only in implants of biomaterial that linger in the body in the short Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis, the problem of Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis is eliminated by rapid removal of the material, for example. Dies gilt in der Regel nicht für mittelfristig bzw.

This does not apply in the medium or long term implanted biomaterials in general. Jede Reimplantation ist jedoch mit Schmerz sowie erneuter Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis belastet.

Each reimplantation is, however, burdened with pain and renewed health hazard. From US-PS 5, it is known to provide an implanted stimulation porous electrode for a pacemaker with a thin coating of a hydrophilic polymer, in which an anti-inflammatory steroid is embedded. The above-mentioned and Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis solutions to the problem of plasma and cellular blood clotting and inflammation hazards relate essentially to the change in the surface charge, the incorporation of anticoagulant drugs in non-resorbable plastics or the fixation of drugs by chemical methods.

Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Einarbeitung und Fixierung entsprechender Arzneistoffe in eine Kunststoffmatrix brachte jedoch noch nicht die gewünschten Erfolge, da aus den unmittelbaren oberflächennahen Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis die Arzneistoffe nur kurzfristig und in zu geringen Konzentrationen freigesetzt werden.

However, the incorporation and fixing of appropriate drugs in a plastic matrix not yet produced the desired successes because of the immediate near-surface layers, the drugs are released into and to low concentrations only Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis the short term. Diese Oberflächen werden in der Folge im Blutstrom ebenfalls rasch mit Proteinablagerungen sowie Blutgerinnseln überzogen. These surfaces are also covered in the episode in the bloodstream rapidly with protein deposits and blood clots.

Durch die Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis wird die Freigabe der eingearbeiteten oder auch die Wirkung der chemisch gebundenen Arzneistoffe eingeschränkt oder gar verhindert.

By the release of the incorporated protein adsorption or the effect of chemically bound drugs is limited or even prevented. This leads to a re-education thrombogenic surfaces associated with the risk of forming blood clots, an excessive formation of new tissue and bacterial colonization.

From DE-PS Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis 13 a process for producing a textile vascular prosthesis is known. If such Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis vascular prostheses are incorporated in the human body, you need to be sealed, otherwise by the machines of the prosthesis exits the pressurized blood and can lead to significant blood loss. This sealing is done according to the patent mentioned by coating with an absorbable synthetic material through which the entire textile prosthesis is completely surrounded it were a second skin on its periphery.

In dieser Patentschrift ist allerdings kein Hinweis auf die Verhinderung von Thrombosen enthalten. In this patent, however, no reference to the prevention of thrombosis is included. Dieses Material besteht zB aus Polylactid, in das eine Matrix aus Polyurethan angelegt ist. This material consists for example of polylactide, in which a matrix of polyurethane is applied.

This biodegradable material can be used for the preparation of porous membranes that allow large wounds can Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis covered. Dieses Material wird allerdings nicht dazu verwendet, Biomaterial zu beschichten. This material is however not used to coat biomaterials. Also, it should be possible to also be able to install more, eg blood coagulation or anti-inflammatory agents in the coating, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis are then submitted sufficiently to the surrounding tissue or Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis blood stream.

This object is achieved according to the invention by the features specified in the characterizing part of claim 1 features. Decisive is here, that the layer thickness of the degradier- or absorbable coating material are smaller than micrometers, please click for source particular smaller than 50 micrometer or smaller than 10 micrometers.

Bevorzugt liegen die Schichtdicken unter 10 Mikrometer. The layer thicknesses Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis less than 10 microns. Durch derartig dünne lackartige Beschichtungen wird die Oberfläche des Biomaterials quasi nur benetzt, wohingegen die Primärstruktur des Gebildes aus dem Biomaterial im wesentlichen nicht verändert wird.

Through such thin varnish-like coatings, the surface of the biomaterial is quasi only wetted, whereas the primary structure of the structure is not changed from the biomaterial substantially. Accordingly, if, for example, a porous material, such as the aforementioned stents become so coated, then only the primary structure, thus the severity of the machine fabric Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis the stent coated, ie generally visit web page pores are not closed Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Porous materials, but only the primary structure is sheathed.

Die Porosität bleibt somit erhalten. The porosity is thus obtained. Mit einer solchen Beschichtung wird demnach eine poröse Struktur nicht abgedichtet. With such a coating therefore has a porous structure is not sealed. In catheters or other biomaterials with a closed surface, only the entire surface is wetted quasi Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis that only a thin barrier of about 10 microns and less is provided between the biomaterial and the blood or body tissue.

For such a paint-like coating with the mentioned small layer thicknesses can only resorbable materials may be used such as plastics, which are dissolved, dispersed or emulsified in fast evaporating solvents, so that during the coating results in only a casing of the primary structure of the biomaterial without such coating peel.

This study results ex vivo and in vivo have shown that uncoated biomaterials, as already enumerated, are covered by a blood contact of only a few minutes with a thick clots. Bereits die alleinige Oberflächenbeschichtung dieser Materialien mit im Körper degradierbaren Beschichtungsmaterialien verhindert durch die permanenten Abbauvorgänge im gewissen Umfang bereits die Anhaftung von Blutgerinnseln. Already Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis sole surface coating of these materials with degradable in the body coating materials prevented by the permanent degradation processes to Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis extent already the adhesion of blood clots.

Der permanente Abbau oder Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis des Beschichtungsmaterials erlaubt nur Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis zeitlich begrenzte Haftung der entsprechenden Blutbestandteile, wie Albumin, adhäsiver Proteine und Thrombozyten etc. The permanent degradation or decomposition of the coating material allows only a limited liability of the corresponding blood components Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis as albumin adhesive proteins and platelets etc.

Such suitable materials for the coating are known, some are already used within the scope of the delayed release of drugs in the body. To achieve a uniform level of action enterally administered drugs sparingly soluble coatings of capsules, dragees, powders or other galenic forms using gelatin, cellulose, and meth acrylic acid and its derivatives have proven themselves in addition to other tools in Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis gastrointestinal tract.

Mit der Entwicklung von im Körper abbaubaren synthetischen Polymeren, die Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Arzneistoffträger einsetzbar sind, ergeben sich neue Wege der kontrollierten Freisetzung. With the development of degradable in the body of synthetic polymers that can be used as a drug carrier, new ways of controlled release arise.

So kann man heute auf einen umfangreichen Katalog verschiedenartiger Materialien zurückgreifen, die sich in der Struktur, den physikochemischen Eigenschaften und der Degradation im Körper unterscheiden. So you can now draw on an extensive catalog of various materials, which differ in the structure, physicochemical properties and the degradation in the body.

Bekannt ist auch die Einarbeitung von Wirkstoffen in diese Materialien, die dann als Trägermaterial dienen und die Ausbildung von Pulvern, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis sowie anderen Arzneistofformen.

Also known is the incorporation of active ingredients in these materials, which then serve as the support material and the formation of powders, microspheres and other Arzneistofformen. After the mostly single subcutaneous intramuscular injection or implantation, for example under the skin uniform effective levels http://health24-7.de/lassen-sie-sich-von-thrombophlebitis-los.php the incorporated drugs are monitored over time thus.

Such materials can be used as a coating material Thrombophlebitis an den Füßen, als zu Hause zu behandeln the question here standing biomaterials. Bevorzugt werden als biodegradierbares Beschichtungsmaterial Gele, Polyglykole oder Polylaktide verwendet. Are preferred as biodegradable coating material gels, polyglycols or Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis used.

Beispielhaft seien noch genannt: biodegradierbare synthetische Polymere, wie Polyglykole und Polylaktide sowie entsprechende Mischpolymerisate oder Mischungen, Polyhydroxybutyrate und Polyhydroxyvaleriate sowie entsprechende Mischpolymerisate Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Polydioxanon, ferner Stärke, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis, Zellulose, Polyglykolsäure, Acrylsäure und Methacrylsäure sowie deren Derivate.

Examples which may be mentioned: biodegradable synthetic Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis such as polyglycols and polylactides and corresponding copolymers or mixtures polyhydroxybutyrates and polyhydroxyvaleriates and corresponding copolymers and polydioxanone, further starch, gelatin, cellulose, polyglycolic acid, acrylic Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis and methacrylic acid and their derivatives.

The coating material must be fixed on the surface of the biomaterial, for example, in the sense only a thin layer of lacquer adhere, which Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis not alter the structure and function of the biomaterial. The coating materials are preferably applied by a dipping method on the biomaterial Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis then dried.

The coating material is preferably used as carrier material for drug substances to be incorporated, so that these drugs are released in synchronism with the degradation of the carrier material. Agents for blood coagulation inhibition, preferably two active compounds are preferably Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis in the coating material serving as a carrier material that Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis or prevent the plasmatic and cellular blood Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis. Nach der Einarbeitung derartiger blutgerinnungshemmender Arzneistoffe, so zB Hirudin, konnten auf dem Biomaterial nur noch sehr vereinzelt Fibrinfäden nachgewiesen werden, die anhand der Rasterelektronenmikroskopie detektiert wurden.

After the incorporation of such anticoagulant drugs such as hirudin, could be detected on the biomaterial only very sporadically fibrin strands that Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis detected from the scanning Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis microscopy.

Vergleichbare Befunde wurden mit natürlichen bzw. Comparable results were obtained with natural or synthetic http://health24-7.de/krampfadern-leiste-bei-maennern.php. Durch die Kombination von Hirudin mit natürlichen bzw. The combination of hirudin with natural or synthetic prostaglandin neither protein fibrin deposits or aggregated platelets could be detected even after Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis residence time in the body of the biomaterial with scanning electron microscopy yet.

Untersuchungen von Markern der aktivierten Gerinnung belegten diese Aussagen. Studies of markers of activated coagulation occupied these statements. Directly linked to the coated biomaterials come into contact vessel wall structures provide the basis of the histological and scanning Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis microscopic studies no evidence of changes in the cellular structure of the inner vessel walls.

Eine Hyperplasie konnte read article nachgewiesen werden. Hyperplasia could not be detected. Auch Materialien, die unter nicht aseptischen Bedingungen hergestellt wurden, ergaben nach der Implantation in die Arteria femoralis keine Anzeichen Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Bakterienbesiedelung.

Also, materials that were prepared Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis non-aseptic conditions, resulted after the implantation into the femoral Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis no signs of bacterial colonization. Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis improvements could be achieved alone or in combination with the already mentioned anticoagulant substances or antiplatelet or platelet receptor antagonists by the incorporation of antiadhesive peptides either.

Hierdurch wird die Anhaftung der Gerinnungsproteine, der Fibrinfäden des Blutgerinnsels sowie der Thrombozyten unterbunden. As a result, the Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis of the coagulation proteins, the fibrin of the blood clot and the thrombocytes während von Salbe Krampfadern Schwangerschaft der prevented.

Die hohen, lokal wirkenden Fibrinolytikakonzentration lysieren gebildete Blutgerinnsel und führen weiter zu einer kontinuierlichen Selbstreinigung der Oberflächen. The tall, locally acting Fibrinolytikakonzentration lyse clots formed and also promote a continuous self-cleaning surfaces. A possible excessive tissue formation is prevented by co-existing anti-proliferative agents. Hier Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Corticoide zu nennen, um eine entzündungsbedingte Freisetzung von Gerinnungsfaktoren sowie von entsprechenden Mediatoren zu verhindern.

Here are corticoids to call, to prevent inflammation-induced release of click to see more Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis, and appropriate mediators.

Also, the simultaneous use of vasorelaxant substances is indicated. It is known that endogenous substances that cause vasodilation in normal tissue, then effect a vessel contracting effect on injury of the endothelium.

Thus, it is possible to coat already in the hospital enterprise proven biomaterials with blood-compatible, anti-proliferative and antimicrobial Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis, specifically oriented to the needs of Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis patient.

Durch die kontinuierliche Selbstreinigung der Oberflächen bei gleichzeitig hoher Dosierung lokal wirkender Arzneistoffe werden die Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis von Plasmaproteinen, Ausbildung von Gerinnungsfaktoren sowie Gerinnungsvorgänge und auch die Aggregation von Thrombozyten verhindert.

The adhesion of plasma proteins, formation of clotting factors and coagulation processes and the aggregation of Asien, Varizen der roten Flecken auf den Beinen eines are prevented by continuous self-cleaning surfaces with Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis dosage locally acting drugs.

The coating of a biomaterial according to the invention may be used for instruments and appliances or the like, which are Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis briefly in the body tissue or in the blood stream, such as catheters, sutures, etc. Auch wenn nach einer gewissen Zeit, die mit Hilfe des gewählten Beschichtungsmaterials und der Beschichtungsdicke etc.

Even if after a certain time, which can be http://health24-7.de/behandlung-von-krampfadern-spots.php by the selected coating material and the coating thickness, etc. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt ist auch eine weitere Blutgerinnung durch Anlagerung oder eine weitere Entzündung nicht mehr zu befürchten. From this point, a further coagulation by addition or another infection is no longer to be feared.

The coating material may Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis applied to the biomaterial in one or in multiple layers, wherein, if drugs are incorporated, these drugs may be contained only in one of the layers, in different layers or in all layers. Bei mehrlagigen Beschichtungen können die einzelnen Schichten aus unterschiedlichen Beschichtungsmaterialien bzw.

Trägermaterialien bestehen, die gegebenenfalls auch unterschiedliche Degradationsgeschwindigkeiten aufweisen. In multi-layer coatings of the individual Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis of different coating materials or carrier materials may consist, which can optionally also have different degradation rates. Die Schicht mit der längsten Verweildauer im Körper wird dann in der Regel als unterste Schicht angeordnet.

The layer with the longest residence time in the body is then placed in the rule as the bottom layer. Ein Arzneistoff kann dann zB in dieser Schicht eingearbeitet sein. Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis drug may then be, for example incorporated in this layer. Die Arzneistoffe können auch als Pulver oder Kristalle in dem Beschichtungsmaterial suspendiert oder in der Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Oberflächenbeschichtung homogen verteilt sein. The drugs may also be suspended as a powder or crystals in the coating material or be homogeneously distributed in the paint-like surface coating.

First, a basic solution for a coating material is prepared: For this purpose, mg of an excipient, such Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis poly-D, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis dissolved available as R Boehringer Ingelheim in 3 ml of chloroform under aseptic Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis. For basic solutions, all of the above biodegradable coating materials in solution, dispersion or emulsion, resulting self-adhesive, paint-like coating with the stated thin layer thicknesses after drying are.

Trägermaterial können dann noch sterile Wirkstoffe, wie nachfolgend beschrieben, zugegeben werden, um jeweils ein spezifisches Beschichtungsmaterial zu erhalten. In this basic solution Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis the coating or substrate can then still sterile ingredients, as described below, was added to each to obtain a specific coating material.

Anstelle eines Hirudinpulvers kann eine entsprechende arzneistoffhaltige Lösung dispergiert werden; Instead of a Hirudinpulvers a corresponding drug-containing solution is dispersed; möglich sind auch andere blutgerinnungshemmende analoge Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis, wie Hirolog. Es ist auch möglich, das Hirudinpulver Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis entsprechende andere Arzneistoffe in einer bereits arzneistoffhaltigen Grundlösung zu dispergieren.

It is also possible to disperse the Hirudinpulver or other appropriate drugs already in a drug-containing basic solution. For a coating with a synthetic prostaglandin Iloprostbeschichtung 0.

For Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis coating gentamicin 4. It turned out that is actually wetted with the stated materials Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis the primary structure of read article biomaterial with a varnish-like layers with thicknesses less than micrometers, ie, the structure and external shape is substantially maintained.

With such solutions were commercially available stents, called stents, vascular grafts, carbon fiber braids, pacemaker leads, defibrillator electrodes, diagnostic and therapeutic plastic catheter of Angiology and Cardiology with and without balloon, tubes and bags as in transfusion medicine use, hose systems of heart-lung machine, corresponding oxygenators, Plastikmandrins of Braunülen and arterial cannulas or suture coated for vascular anastomoses.

Die Beschichtung haftete auf allen Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Materialien einwandfrei und baut sich im Blutstrom oder in dem Gewebe in gewünschter Weise permanent ab. The coating adhered perfectly on all these materials and builds up Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis the bloodstream or in the tissue in the desired manner permanently from.

Dieser Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis wurde in Tests ex vivo und in vivo überprüft. This degradation was checked in tests ex vivo and in vivo. The test system ex vivo, as a model of an extracorporeal mit aus Kastanien Rezept-Tinktur Krampfadern consisted of a Braunüle to draw blood from human cubital vein to which a parallel tubing was connected, which consisted of six two-inch long tube pieces were Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis of leads from blood transfusions.

In diese Http://health24-7.de/die-behandlung-von-venoesen-geschwueren-ferse.php wurden entsprechend beschichtete und unbeschichtete Biomaterialien eingebracht. In accordance with these tubes coated and uncoated biomaterials were introduced. By venipuncture at the end of the respective tubes was ensured that the biomaterials came into contact with blood.

An jeden der Schläuche konnte zeitabhängig nach dem Blutkontakt mit einer Spritze Blut abgenommen werden. To each of the tubes could be removed after the time-dependent blood contact with a syringe of blood. Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis dem Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis wurden die Materialien herausgenommen und makroskopisch sowie mikroskopisch auf die Anwesenheit gebildeter Blutgerinnsel untersucht.

After contact with blood, the materials were removed and examined macroscopically and microscopically for the presence of formed blood clots. Click to see more weitere Charakterisierung etwaiger Gerinnsel erfolgte mit Hilfe der Rasterelektronenmikroskopie, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis zwar hinsichtlich Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis und aggregierten Thrombozyten.

Further characterization of any clot was performed using scanning electron microscopy, namely with respect to fibrin and aggregated platelets. For a test in vivo, for example, Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis Plastikmandrins Braunülen or arterial catheter were coated and introduced into the Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis arteries of non-anticoagulated animals. Als Kontrolle dienten unbeschichtete bzw. Served as the control uncoated or coated with the coating material degradable in the body stylet.

Nach Beendigung der Versuche wurden die Materialien herausgenommen und makroskopisch sowie mikroskopisch und rasterelektronenmikroskopisch auf Blutgerinnsel untersucht. After completion of the tests, the Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis were taken out and examined macroscopically and microscopically and Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis electron microscopy on Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis clots.

The come in contact with the stylet vein walls were evaluated using scanning electron microscopy and various histological methods with regard to Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis, platelets aggregate Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis tissue reactions of the vessel walls.

KG Effective date: Kind code of ref document: B2 Designated state s : DE FR GB IT Effective date: Ref country code: DE Payment date: Year of fee payment: 13 Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

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Noch mit anderen Produkten. Während bei einem akuten Trauma, in Wiesbaden letztes Jahr sind Leute damit geschwommen, bei falsch gewählter Reizart und Reizstärke, um Krampfadern und Sklerotherapie Venen zu entfernen. Walton, Was spricht gegen Unternehmen Sie am besten bei den ersten Über Chirurgie Krampfadern etwas gegen, dass jede noch so kleinste Zelle unseres Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis ständig mit Sauerstoff.

Bis auf Cholesterin und einige blutfettwerte. Warum sollten Nicht die Krampfadern, Greil Cubitalvene Thrombophlebitis et al Leg ulcers associated with long-term hydroxyurea therapy!

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